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Cleanup example

How to remove people from a photo? lets you remove people from a photo in a few seconds for free. You don't need complex softwares such as Adobe Photoshop. With you can achieve professional results in a few clicks.

Pro tip: Select a bigger brush and don't hesitate to cover more than the area you want to retouch (especially to cover shadows). It will help the algorithm create the best results.

How to remove an object from a photo?

You don't need photoshop to remove an object from a photo. Use the biggest brush, and cover the full object. The brush should cover the full object. it is better to overflow to be sure that the whole object is covered.

How to remove text or watermarks from an image?

You can remove text and images in a few seconds with impressive accuracy using As for objects or people, simply load your image in the tool and draw over the text or watermark that you'd like to remove. After a few seconds, you'll see it completely gone.

Pro tip: To get the best results, make sure that you overflow and draw a slightly bigger area than what you actually want to remove.

Important: Watermarks usually indicate that an image has restrictive copyrights. Only remove watermarks on images for which you have an explicit license.

What image resolutions can handle?

You can import images of any size in Export will be limited to 720px for the free version. There is no size limit for the Pro version. We're continuously improving the quality of the images exported by

How to remove blemish or wrinkles?

You can remove blemishes or wrinkles from a photo using the CleanUp brush. Like for other things to remove from a photo, just be sure you overflow the brush over it.

How to remove the background of an image?

The best way to remove the background of a photo online or using your phone is using ClipDrop. It provides the best quality available today.